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Ever wonder why great copywriting is so hard to come by?

If you do then you are not alone.

Good sales copy captures your client’s attention and then works hard at keeping it, so you can win their business.

But, why is so much sales copy written, read by a client and then quickly forgotten? Because it doesn’t resonate with them on a deeper level. 

And, if it doesn’t resonate with them then it won’t compel them to take action.

To avoid this happening to you, I developed a concept called “The Emotional Touchstone”.

This is a method that I use to customize a marketing message to the emotional and psychological makeup of your ideal client. It uses their deep rooted emotionally-charged language to create a value proposition in the form of a "currency". This value is subconscious goal that your customer is motivated to gain and delivered by your product and/or service.

By crafting your sales message this way, you speak directly to the deep-rooted desires of your customer helping you establish the position in their mind.

When you communicate the power of your offer in this way it acts as a “Force Multiplier” for greater performance.