The 2 Driving Forces For Greater Success and Avoiding Regret

The actions you take in this moment are going to create your future.

Go back and think of the pivotal moments in the last year, 2 years, 5 years, or more and you’ll connect a common thread. Decisions you made back then were followed by the actions that created the present moment you experience today.

That should be a great source of comfort to you because you can make better decisions which lead to more effective actions to create a more compelling future. A future that can create greater personal growth, growing experience, and taking consistent action.

There is one problem though (and it’s a big one).

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree Book Review

Each year, tons of personal development books are published. Filled with fluffy anecdotes and half-truisms, they fail to offer you anything of substance.

Like candy, they give you a sugar-high that wears off quickly causing you to come crashing down to reality. In the long-term, they rarely offer the “meat and potatoes” to sustain you to reach your goals.

“Barking Up The Wrong Tree” by Eric Barker is that kind of meat-and-potatoes book.

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Why I Love The Customer’s Journey (And You Should Too!)

For most businesses, lead generation continues to be a challenge for their business.

It’s not that their product or service is lacking but that their marketing efforts fall flat. Their prospects aren’t responsive to their message or that they won’t convert into customers.

For you and I this is a cause for celebration because it means that we can outdo the competition.

Most businesses don’t know how to move a customer from Point A to Point B.

This is why I love the customer’s journey and so should you.

Locating your ideal customer and generating awareness of your product or service gives you a distinct edge over the “shotgun approach” used by most competitors. This is because you can create a path for your prospect and line it up with breadcrumbs leading them to the Promised Land.

Before you can do any of that you have to know one thing above all else and that is…

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How to Maximize Your Greatest Leverage Point

To gain mastery at anything – business, sports, the arts, writing a novel, anything – your greatest leverage point is going to be yourself.

While that might seem obvious most people miss that point.

Failing to master yourself and your resources leaves you in a poor position to be able to lead people, delegate, maximize your returns on deployed resources, fully utilize the tools of your industry, innovate, leverage your team’s talents, or fully service your customers to the best of your ability.

Failure to think clearly, communicate effectively, live your values, prioritize, innovate on demand, and go above and beyond your own expectations of what you’re capable of leaving you at the mercy of the people who understand more deeply of personal mastery.

This is what is called a “cornerstone” concept.

A cornerstone concept is a section of the foundation to which your success is built upon.

Having said that, let me detail the key principles that make up your success foundation.

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Priming Your Brain For Success

When I was a kid I used to watch boxing on the Wide World of Sports with my dad. There weren’t many things that he did with me back then but boxing was something that we could enjoy together.

He used to comment on all the preparation that it took to prepare prior to a match. He explained that one lapse in mental judgment or emotional hesitancy and that was all it took to lose. You had to be completely aware yet relaxed with a sense of being both engaged and detached.

When it was possible, we could watch the fighters prepare in their dressing room. The image of fighter getting his hands wrapped stands out among the fans but if you notice their gaze they are almost in a different world. Some listen to music, some joke with their trainers, others psyche themselves up but getting loud or saying affirmations to themselves.

Whatever routine they follow the end goal is to get themselves in a peak state of mental performance and emotional preparation for dealing with the task at hand.

This preparation to get a fighter ready for upcoming terrible violence is a good metaphor for getting yourself ready to tackle each day on the way to your goals.

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